March 25th, 2013 CILP Executive Board Meeting (spring) held in Chengdu Xiangyu Hotel. CILP Executive Board members all fully expressed their views on the future development plan of CILP and put forward many constructive suggestions.

Under the full discussion, CILP Executive Committee members fully communicated with each other, which helped to enhance mutual understanding and achieve a tacit agreement. A broad consensus on the purpose of CILP, philosophy and other important matters had been reached at the meeting. The meeting also cleared the CILP work plan in 2013, which lit a beacon for the work of CILP Secretariat. The participated CILP executive board members were full of hope to the future development of CILP. They expressed that their willings of sparing no effort to jointly promote the further development of CILP. Mr. Logan Chen, the founder and Chairman of CILP on behalf of the delegation said that CILP business delegation was to play an important role to promote communication and cooperation between CILP Members and port cities of Southwest China.