March 19th, 2018, CARVRE SEVEN and the CILP Signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Mutual Cooperation and Collaboration for Their Global Products.

Announcing this strategic alliance Michael von Loesch, CEO of CARVRE SEVEN and Richard Tsai, Founder & Joint Chairman of CILP said “We are delighted to bring our two Networks closer together and provide additional benefits to Members of both Networks. Shared resources, concepts and ideas will make both Networks a stronger platform for new and existing Members.”

Based on this MoU, both C7 and CILP Members will be able to cooperate with Members of the other Network and visit each other’s Conventions as guests. Both Networks provide a unique approach to their Members that allows All C7 and CILP to continue operating in an environment that focuses on QUALITY partners around the world.

A small delegation of CILP will attend the next C7 Convention in April 2018. Once CILP has announced the dates for its convention later in 2018, C7 will promote the event to its Members.

At the signing of the MoU from Left to Right:

Ken Shimeno and Rodney Leitch (TSL Group Japan and New Zealand – Member of both C7 and CILP); Richard Tsai (CILP) and Michael von Loesch (CARVRE SEVEN).

About CILP

China International Logistics Professional Network (CILP) is an  internet – based organization for Logistics Networking, with representation in more than 20 cities in Mianland China. With a well-constructed and fully-developed network of Chinese international logistics and freight forwarding services, CILP continuously aims to establish cooperative relationships with international counterparts. The mission of CILP is to create a creditable business environment that helps to develop logistics industry, so as to provide its members with continued support and education asociated with freight forwarding, multimodal transport, cross-border trade, customs processing, logistics and transportation issues. The ultimate aim is to bulid up a quality, member focused platform that facilitates partnership and collaboration.


CARVRE SEVEN is a Hong Kong based Think Tank for Logistics Networking with representation in the USA and Thailand. The mission of CARVRE SEVEN (C7) is to create an environment that fosters business relationships through innovative networking between international logistics professionals. C7’s goal is to create a QUALITY, Member focused platform that facilitates Partnership and Collaboration while also provide its Members continued support and education in Freight Forwarding, Logistics and Transportation industry issues.